MNOA Corporate Partners - California Casualty Insurance Company

The MNOA has partnered with the California Casualty Insurance Company for many years. They offer Auto and Home/Renters Insurance to Law Enforcement Members of the MNOA exclusively. They have attended the MNOA Annual Training Conference for many years to answer questions concerning their program. If you are in the market to update or review your Auto and Home Insurance give them a call and mention you are an MNOA member. CLICK ON THE HIGHLIGHTED CALIFORNIA CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY section to take you to their website


National Narcotic Officers Association Coalition

The MNOA has been a member of the NNOAC for many years. The NNOAC was formed in 1994 when the leadership of many of the nation's state narcotic officers' associations came together as part of an effort to re-establish the Edward R. Byrne Memorial Fund which through these efforts was successful. The NNOAC is currently comprised of 40 individual state narcotic associations, the six RISS projects and the Territory of Puerto Rico representing more than 55,000 law enforcement officers from across the nation. It serves as an umbrella organization, coordinating the efforts of these associations in our nation's capital. The NNOAC allows the state and local narcotic officers' associations to work through their congressional delegations allowing for the unified voice in the nation's capital. For more information on the NNOAC's efforts in Washington DC and for the latest updates on narcotics issues across the nation click on the highlighted section to take you to the NNOAC website.



The Branson, Missouri Lakes area provides an annual salute to "America's Hometown Hero's" The Community is inviting active and retired Law Enforcement Personnel and their families to come for a week-long series of events to pay tribute and honor those that service and Protect. The Missouri House of Representatives has designated the Second Week of June each year as National Law Enforcement Week in Branson, Missouri. What started 6 years ago as a regional event, is now being recognized as a national event to honor current and retired law enforcement. During the 2019 Law Enforcement Week LEO families from 29 states were identified. 240+ departments were represented from all over the United States. In 2019, there were 17 hosted events through out the week but there were also over 3,750 attraction discounts redeemed and over 1,500 dining discounts redeemed. So there is much more available than just the hosted events. More events and attraction discounts are being added each year. Branson, MO has attractions for all age groups and caters to families. This event makes it possible to enjoy those attractions and experience Branson to its fullest. The National Law Enforcement Website is constantly being updated as new events and discounts are being added. Information for LEW 2020 will be added as it is being developed, so please check out the website on a regular basis. If you are not familiar with Branson, Missouri please check out this link to check out what all Branson has to offer, ( We would love to see our LE Brothers and Sisters in Branson the Second Week of June 2020. For more information concerning LEW please contact Tim Medlin at 

Click on the above link at (National Law Enforcement Week) to access the LEW Website.

Click on to check out Branson




Benefit the Badge was started in 2017 through the Fogle Family Foundation. Benefit the Badge raises funds for local law enforcement through a series of sporting events that are held throughout the year. They also host a dinner and auction during National Law Enforcement Week in Branson, Missouri. 

In about 2 1/2 years, Benefit the Badge has raised a little over $3000,000, with $80,000 of that financing National Law Enforcement Week and the rest ($220,000) going to local law enforcement departments in Southwest Missouri. Every dollar goes towards bullet proof vests, to radios, to dash cameras, to anything that they many need to help do their job and to help protect officers.

Benefit the Badge has been a strong supporter of Law Enforcement and the Missouri Narcotic Officers Association. Please review the below annual Benefit the Badge Fundraiser Raffle. This is one of their major annual fundraisers. If you are interested in assisting and wish to either purchase tickets for a chance to win one of the outstanding prizes or assist by selling some tickets, contact Tim Medlin through  

this web site or and I will get the tickets to you. Thank you for your continued support.