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The Missouri Narcotic Officers Association

Dedicated to bringing quality, low-cost, POST Certified Training

The MNOA is dedicated to bringing quality, low-cost, POST Certified training to all Law Enforcement Officers. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time Narcotic Officer, a uniformed Police Officer or dealing with inmates in your jail, we are all involved in working cases that are related to or a result of the narcotic epidemic that this Country has faced for years. Therefore, our membership and trainings are open to all certified Law Enforcement Officers, regardless of your assignment. Please look at our Conference Information tab for details on our upcoming training. We think that you will find that these classes are beneficial to you as a Law Enforcement Officer as well as fulfilling your POST requirements.

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About the MNOA

 What is the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association?

Since 1993 The Missouri Narcotics Officers Association has been a resource to both police officers and communities they protect. The MNOA has trained thousands of Missouri’s finest and currently has over 500 active and trained law enforcement officers. 

The Mission of Missouri Narcotics Officers Association

It’s the mission of the MNOA to improve and protect Missouri and its communities by eliminating or reducing the number of drug related crimes and offenders through education and training of our brave law enforcement officers. 

The high-level training that we provide to officers plays an integral role in  aiding law enforcement and arming them with the knowledge they need to be more effective officers and to keep themselves as safe as possible as they enforce the laws that pertain to narcotics and illegal drug use. 

Upcoming Events

Rifle Raffle

Sept 1st - Sept 30th

$30 Per Ticket
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Upcoming Training

Fall 2024

8:00 am - 1:00 pm
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