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Get to Know MNOA Executive Director Tim Medlin

The Missouri Narcotics Officers Association (MNOA) is a professional organization dedicated to supporting law enforcement officers involved in narcotics enforcement in the state of Missouri.

The MNOA collaborates with various agencies and organizations involved in drug enforcement, such as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as prosecutors, treatment professionals, and community organizations.

By fostering these partnerships, our association seeks to promote effective drug control strategies and develop a coordinated approach to combating narcotics-related issues in the state of Missouri.

Without the help of our registered members and the support of the communities we protect, our organization would not be able to provide the same level of training to Missouri’s finest.

Our team of trusted board members help to ensure that the MNOA is focused on improving communities and protecting its residents, while continuing to set the standard for narcotics law enforcement training within the United States. MNOA.


We would like to introduce you to one of these dedicated board members, the MNOA Executive Director, Tim Medlin

Meet Missouri Narcotics Officers Association Board Member and founding member of the MNOA Tim Medlin.

Tim was one of the founding members of the MNOA and has served on the Executive Board since day one.  He has served in many posistions on the Board including being the President of the Assocaition several times.  Tim has been the long time training director for the MNOA and fullfills that role along with the Executive Director’s position.  Tim is a retired Springfield Missouri Police Detective and currently works for insurance companies investigating possible arson fires. He also does compliance checks at pharmacy’s across the State.  

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